About Me

Awaken your Physical, mental & Spiritual power

Explore your inner self by emerging into the art of ancient meditation and add strength, energy and flexibility to your body.


With a passion for health and life, I have done my Masters in Science. I always wanted to help mankind to get rid of the health sufferings and this dream came true when I met a senior renowned yoga therapist in Muscat (Oman). After learning 2 years of yoga therapy from her in Muscat, I relocated to Dubai and started practicing Yoga therapy. To enhance my knowledge further, I did a yoga teacher training course (US Alliance 250+ hours) and 50 hours Yoga Therapy course from Yogadarshnam Mysore, India. I have also done a prenatal & postnatal Pilates course and currently pursuing M.SC. In Yoga Therapy from SVYASA Bangalore, India.

I strongly believe in the power of yoga therapy in healing and curing all the diseases e.g. HIGH BP, Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid, PCOD, Hormonal imbalance, Anxiety, Depression, and Stress management, etc. with correct breathing, meditation, and guided relaxation techniques.

I am strongly committed to spreading health & well-being awareness through ‘” Yoga – A science of holistic healing” all over the world in the coming years.

 Remember one basic thing “Health is wealth”, this is a simple statement but has a powerful impact on life. If you are healthy and fit you are able to do any work if you are not healthy then it’s hard to work properly. If you really want to become successful and happy then add yoga to your lifestyle. Be healthy and be happy.