About Me

Yoga: "A Union of body, mind and soul”

Why Join Yoga?

Yoga with shakti


I am strongly committed to spread health & well being awareness through ‘”Yoga – A science of holistic healing” all over the world in coming years.

I strongly believe in power of Holistic Therapies Like Yoga, acupressure, Mudra, water, Diet  Therapy in healing and curing all the diseases e.g. HIGH BP, Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid, PCOD, Hormonal imbalance, Anxiety, Depression and Stress management etc. with correct breathing, meditation and guided relaxation techniques.

Our Vision

Our goal is making your life healthy and happy, it’s our goal also. Please give some time to your health. And our advise is do Asana as much as you can, but do in the right and proper way. Remember one basic thing “Health is wealth”, this is simple statement but have a powerful impact on life. If you are healthy and fit you are able to do any work, if you are not healthy than it’s hard to do work properly. If you really want to become successful and happy than add the yoga in your life style. Be healthy and be happy.

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

"Yoga and meditation taught by you is helping my child a lot. I see a lot of positive changes in her. She is growing more flexible and active day by day. Also she can concentrate more compared to earlier days. I love the way u teach candle gazing. A great work and really helpful in everyone's life!!!!!."
Anita Motwani
Yoga Student
"I really don't know how to start but in short she is what I would call a yogini. She imparts knowledge abt yoga perfectly whether its theory or practical. She takes yoga to another level altogether, not the commercial that we see nowadays. So yeah thank u Shakti for inspiring all of us. I wish u all the best in life."
Ela Chowdhury
Yoga Student
"Shakti helped me a lot in a difficult time, she practice with me breathing and meditation, she is just amazing and didn’t let me give up until I felt better. I definitely recommend Shakti, she is a wonderful person and has so much knowledge about the human body."
Anna La Tosa
Yoga Student
"I joined Shakti yoga 7 months back.I experienced the benefits of it from the first day. Shakti yoga has been an effective stress buster for me .Her asanas,meditation and breathing practices has not only tonned my body but also improved my focus and flexibility.Most importantly,it quite's my mind .Through her yoga classes ,I have learned how to focus on my breath and calm my mind .Yoga under the guidance of Shakti has given me a new life full of positivity.I love all her different classes and asanas.I highly recommend her.she is incredibly good."
Meenu Prasad
Yoga Student
"In today's time no one can deny the power of yoga. Few really know it and I am lucky to have had yoga shakti to be the platform that introduced me into the world of yoga. Mehek shakti pachouri not only gives personalised attention to each one of us but also gives attention to details. I always heard about meditation and yogis but I never thought I will one day be hooked onto it. But its been just 5 months and I cant pass a single day without practicing yoga. I had ailments all over and was tired of making trips to doctors I can happily vouch for her as I dont need one now."
Bhageerathy Jaitly
Yoga Student
"Shakti has always motivated and guided me towards achieving perfection towards all the ashanas taught by her. She is an excellent teacher who is keen to see that every Member gets maximum benefit from yoga.she also advises And provides very good explanation behind the benefits of every Ashana which gives me confidence and gained flexibility in my body.i wish her all the best and success always .i have had many teachers in the past but Shakti has Proved to be the best from all."
Bharti Trivedi
Yoga Student